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Top iPhone Applications for Fitness, Yoga and Jogging Fans

Are you still using your iPhone or iPod Touch only as an MP3-player while jogging or working out in a gym? You may reconsider your attitude towards your smartphone when you install one of the thematic fitness or yoga applications that will help you to stay slim and achieve your weight loss goals. As you may have guessed, in the [...]

Samsung Galaxy S III has Massive Expectations to Live Up to

The buildup before the release of a cell phone nowadays is akin to the buzz you get in the lead up to the release of a Hollywood blockbuster. It’s the same with Samsung Galaxy III; and even though the phone hasn’t even been unveiled as yet, the hype knows no bounds. With technology writers going [...]

How and why is 4G capable of changing the face of African Mobile Industry?

Mobile telecoms in Africa are one of the rapidly growing industries and profitable sectors within South Africa’s economy. Driven by new gadgets and latest arrivals in the advancement of technology, African mobile industry awaits major renovations in the time to come. It’s expected that 4G, in particular is capable of weaving success stories in Africa. [...]

How will the Smartphone Diversification Drive Mobile Broadband Adoption

Adoption of smart phones and mobile broadband has become ubiquitous since mobile applications and internet connectivity are helping to make the right choice for smartphone owners. Smart phones can prove to be your ‘smart’ choices if you can successfully and effectively analyze your phone’s functionality, appeal, performance and various other criterions. This can be termed [...]

Top 10 Popular Dual SIM Phones in India

Editor’s Note: This Guest Post was written by Sitakanta Ray (@sitakanta), Co-Founder of, a Mobile Price Comparision Engine. We Indians know how to make every penny count. That’s why Dual SIM phones are such a craze in India. Using a Dual SIM phone, one can simultaneously use 2 SIMs, with a mix of two different [...]