Have a squared life with Nokia Lumia 800

When Microsoft introduced Windows Phone with its Metro UI, it did catch a few eye balls for its unique UI. But it has failed to gain any significant market share since its launch in October 2010.

That was about to be changed since Nokia went the Windows Phone way, but it seems that Microsoft is a little too late for the party and consumers seem to be going by the following spoof ad:


While Android and iOS continued to dominate the smartphone market even during the holiday season, Windows Phone didn’t. According to ComScore’s  report, Microsoft lost about 0.5% marketshare in November. Which going by the marketing efforts put by Microsoft and Nokia together is not very good.

What’s your experience with any Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia 800? Do share them via comments.

PS: That’s a spoof ad and not by Nokia or Microsoft.


Apurva Chaudhary

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  • ricky

    Why? Don’t like it don’t use it. No need to tell one else about it. Why don’t you haters do something more useful like donating to hungry children in Africa or helping the homeless people from the Japanese tsunami. I personally like the design of the Windows phone OS btw.