Kevin Rose pulls Oink, Shuts Milk, and joins Google

After losing the battle to Reddit, Digg founder, Kevin Rose started Milk. The first app that to come out of Milk, Oink pulled its plug yesterday.

While Oink generated postive reviews over all, it didn’t gain much traction from users. Now according to AllthingsD and Techcrunch, Kevin Rose has not just pulled the plug on Oink but also shut down Milk. According to Techcrunch, Google won the bid against Facebook to acquire Milk and the entire team of Milk will be joining Google.

While the Oink was a beautiful looking app even Kevin knew that it wasn’t working and wasn’t fearful to pull the plug either. But how does Kevin and his team fits into the Google profile? While Kevin haven’t had luck apart from Digg, he’s a great brand name which is what Google could make use of.

And with the current Google+ negative reviews, I am sure Google must be begging for some postive press. And Kevin fits right into that segment.

Apurva Chaudhary

Apurva is a self proclaimed techie. She is active twitterer and you can follow her on twitter at @unitechy. You can reach her at, she loves reading mails.

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