Nokia, Motorola, RIM fire back at Apple for nano-SIM proposal

Apple is quite under fire for proposing  to suggest its own nano-SIM proposal in Europe’s standards body, ETSI. It’s rivals; Nokia, Motorola, and RIM have stood against the proposal.

Last May, Apple submitted a proposal for a standardized SIM card design which was smaller than the micro-SIM currently used in the iPhone 4S and iPad. This smaller than Micro-SIM would allow Apple to manufacture thinner devices. According to Financial Time‘s sources, Apple’s version of the nano-SIM would call for a “drawer” to protect it. Though Apple would license the design to other manufacturers there’s a fear that Apple might end up owning all the patents.

Although ESTI, is outing the vote results next week, the general consensus is that it Apple has already garnered positive support from most of Europe’s providers.



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