Samsung Galaxy S III has Massive Expectations to Live Up to

The buildup before the release of a cell phone nowadays is akin to the buzz you get in the lead up to the release of a Hollywood blockbuster. It’s the same with Samsung Galaxy III; and even though the phone hasn’t even been unveiled as yet, the hype knows no bounds. With technology writers going berserk, and Samsung buffs pulling out the trumpets in anticipation, the question that one needs to ask is whether or not Samsung Galaxy S III would be able to live up to the soaring expectations. And of course, whether or not Samsung’s latest device would have enough to counter menaces bordering on Samsung Galaxy S2 spy for example.

Leaked specs and video

The recently leaked specs and video served as an intriguing foretaste of Samsung Galaxy S III, but the reaction of the people was somewhat mixed. There was undoubted excitement in the air as people queued up to catch a glimpse of the device, but there was also an aura of anticlimax to the way everything panned out. The fact that there is only an 8-megapixel camera was of special concern for the fans. And the lack of enhancement in the device, with the exception of its chipset and its display, was also the target of much scrutiny.

Hype is a double-edged sword

With the phone having had been hyped beyond proportions, there was always going to be both positive and negative implications. The hype has inflated the expectations to a point where it’s possible that the people are expecting a lot more than what the company might be able to conjure up via Samsung Galaxy S III. And it’s not like Samsung is promising the complete eradication of mobile phone spy applications like the Samsung Galaxy S2 spy for example. And hence, springs the million dollar question onto the table: Is this device any better than its peers?

Is it?

For all the hype surrounding the potential ‘liquid metal chassis’, the latest Samsung release is said to have a quad-core chip, which if rumors are anything to go by – and they normally are on the brink of a big release – would be the same quad-core chip as that of the Meizu MX Quad-core. This of course is anything but a groundbreaking move on the part of Samsung, especially considering the fact that the Chinese-made Meizu MX Quad-core costs the proverbial microscopic fraction of this Samsung Galaxy S III. There’s only a 1GB RAM to boot, which is what Huawei and ZTE offer, and again for a much lesser price.

Nothing magical to write home about?

Nothing really groundbreaking, no means to ward off the mobile phone spy applications… there has to be something that would border on justifying all the hullaballoo. Apparently there isn’t much. There’s no all-curing software that would have had been a massive selling point. Galaxy S III has Andriod 4.0, which I’m sure most of us are aware isn’t exclusive to this latest Samsung phone. The only thing that comes any way near justifying the hype is the TouchWiz; but then again, even that’s not worth splurging all the cash that the Samsung Galaxy SIII would want you to pull out of your wallets.
But Samsung can pull out the proverbial rabbit

Okay so we might have been pushing the accelerator on the skepticism, but one has to admit that Samsung has the uncanny ability of pulling out the rabbit out of the hat ever so often. But the problem with the Samsung devices, as things stand, is that they have lost their exclusivity. They have been relying on hardware – for too long if one were to be honest – which has now been integrated to other companies as well.
So while no one would doubt the potential of Samsung, and what it can pull off, the first glimpse of Samsung Galaxy S III wasn’t exactly earth-shattering to say the least. Galaxy S III needs to have something to justify the astronomical price tag that it would accompany; and if the foretaste is anything to go by, that doesn’t seem very likely.

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