Top iPhone Applications for Fitness, Yoga and Jogging Fans

Are you still using your iPhone or iPod Touch only as an MP3-player while jogging or working out in a gym? You may reconsider your attitude towards your smartphone when you install one of the thematic fitness or yoga applications that will help you to stay slim and achieve your weight loss goals. As you may have guessed, in the AppStore there are plenty of free and paid fitness applications for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. I personally chose 4 interesting fitness applications that are equally affordable and multi-functional. Feel free to take an advantage of them as well.

Personal Running Trainer – a good app for future marathoners!

Free download from the AppStore (the trial version)

Works on:  iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

I think every runner or jogger will definitely appreciate this particular application that offers different training plans including a full marathon setting. You simply choose your plan and start following a strict schedule of exercises and workouts followed by voiced instructions and your favorite music.

The application is considered free but in fact it is a trial version that allows you to try each training program – you will have to pay for each program separately. But if you are not capable to make your own training running plan then this coaching application is exactly what you need.

Personal Running Trainer application is good for beginners who don’t know how to start their running workouts.

Travel Yoga 3D In the Car – stay flexible and calm even being stuck in traffic!

Free download from the AppStore (the lite version)

Compatibility: iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone

Being stuck in the traffic is not an excuse to miss your workouts if you have this amazing app installed on your iPhone. This is a unique yoga application that contains a lot of tips on how to relax and stretch your limbs while driving a car or being slowly moving because of the traffic. This car yoga is definitely a unique experience that everyone can try since it doesn’t require from you any special skills, equipment or a lot of efforts to make – a great choice for lazy-bones who want to get rid of stress and numb muscles on the fly.

All exercises are displayed in 3D mode and they are accompanied by the voiced instructions. The free version is lite since the full yoga program becomes available after you buy Travel Yoga 3D In the Carfrom the AppStore (its price is $0.99).

iTreadmill – walkaholics will love it!

Price in the AppStore: $1.99

Compatible with: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

What will you manage to do with this app installed on your iPhone? iTreadmill can count your steps during walks, can track down distance and average speed of your walking whether being strapped to an arm or carried in a pocket while you are walking or running. I advise to launch the application and put it in your pocket while walking, jogging or running.

The app will do the rest proving such features as:

  • accurate step count;
  • measuring distance (in miles or km);
  • counting how much calories you have burnt during your workout;
  • will calculate your average speed and pace.

You will be able to record all your workouts (walking training plans) by setting this app for counting your steps from home to work, for instance. If the weather is bad you can launch the app and startrunning in place in your living room!

iTreadmill is an excellent choice for all walkaholics who need to achieve new goals day by day and are eager to do it in a slow but professional way.


Kinetic GPS – choose your own workout plan!

Price in the AppStore: $3.99

Works with: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

This state-of-the-art application is so far the most expansive one in this list of fitness apps but it is worth of each spent for it cent since it has so many features to offer for each fitness maniac – whetherhe is a runner, jogger, cyclist or prefers to visit a gym.

What Kinetic GPS can do for you?

  • after the launch of the application it will start recording your workout plan. Time, speed, burnt calories, compass, live maps of your route, pace and even altitude – everything will be taken into account by this smart tool;
  • the app is fully customizable since you are free to add various modules to arrange settings according to your perfect workout plan;
  • your training history is written while you are running with this app switched on. You can record your training and then share your great results with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Dailymile and Runkeeper.
  • for runners Kinetic offers few pre-ready templates of training plans – 5K, 10K and a half-marathon. You will get the tips from the experienced London Marathon winner;
  • you can beat your own records by tracking down your everyday achievements;
  • the app contains the built-in heart rate monitor;
  • the application will play your favorite music tracks during your workout.

Kinetic GPS is far more than a usual fitness iPhone application - it is more like a smart personal trainer at your fingertips.

As I have said in the beginning of this post, a lot of decent fitness and yoga applications can be found in the AppStore. If you have a favorite app that wasn’t included into the list but definitely deserves to be called as the best from the best ones, I’ll appreciate your contribution into this post.

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