Windows Phone is not going to be top 3rd smartphone OS

There’s a lot of hubbub about whether Windows Phone is awesome and will it work. With James Kendrick of Zdnet calling the platform ‘Passionless’ there’s a bit of nontroversy in the blogging world. Mathew Miller of the same publication has counter attacked James’ allegations saying that he’s very passionate about Windows Phones.

Here, both of them are talking about personal opinions and I am forced to put down my thoughts on the same by myself.

I love the OS, it’s very aesthetic on eyes. I am in so much love with the email app, I just feel like typing or replying to mails all the time. The over all OS looks and feels good. In fact, it is so much nicer to have something different than horizontal scrolling on mobile OS.

But after a while, the vertical scrolling on homescreen gets to you. Remember those ads where Microsoft adverstized Windows Phone as an OS that lets you do stuff so quickly that you can attend to your friends and family? Well it’s exactly doing that. Just that, I am not finding the OS interesting enough. And let me be clear, the OS looks good it’s just that I don’t find it intriguing enough to play with it. And that’s a problem for Microsoft.

But that’s not the only problem with Windows Phone. Other problem I find is apps. Even after one and a half year of launch, developers still don’t consider the OS worthy of their apps. Agreed that Windows Phone Marketplace is growing astonishingly statistically, but when any new service is being launched, developers even bring BlackBerry app. There’s no exclusive or elite app on Windows Phone either. iOS has Instagram and it’s coming to Android soon. Heck, Windows Phone does not even have the beautiful and successful app; Path. Almost everything that’s available on Windows Phone is available on other platforms. There’s a sense of ‘Damn, I don’t have this app’ feeling all the time.

Another annoying thing is the push notification does not work when connected via WiFi. Now I do use 3G while travelling but I am connected via WiFi most of the time. I have to always unlock the device to check if I have received any messages on WhatsApp if I am connected via WiFi. It’s really really annoying.

And guess what, according to my sources Microsoft hasn’t done much on it on Apollo update either. There’s still a lot of time for Apollo to arrive wherein Microsoft can make changes but the overall features that are being added to Apollo aren’t WOW worthy either.

And the last and most important reason to believe that Windows Phone won’t become the top 3rd mobile OS is that since Microsoft-Nokia partnership, other manufacturers have almost stop getting into the competition. There were no Windows Phone launched at the Mobile World Congress 2012 by non-Nokia brands. While same time last year, there were tons of them. Probably, they believe they won’t get preference like Microsoft. I have a reason to believe only Nokia cannot drive the Windows Phone sales. Nokia managed to sell only 900,000 Windows Phone handsets in last quarter which is close to nothing compared to its competition.

If you disagree with me let’s discuss via comments.

Apurva Chaudhary

Apurva is a self proclaimed techie. She is active twitterer and you can follow her on twitter at @unitechy. You can reach her at, she loves reading mails.

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  • NMO

    i say one thing…its a early conclusion. You can guess what is behind the curtain…but your guess will right or wrong is decided by the curtain when it’ll open. So, these Apps n bugs u r discussing is not the thing which’ll not resolve in future. I mean c’on you know the starting stages of Android n IOS. And for WOS the market is full of competition. The issues you have mentioned here is not hidden from the eyes of MICROSOFT.